Footyclub Assist Program



FOOTYCLUB ASSIST was created as one of the ways Footymarket helps to give back.  We at Footymarket feel that the beautiful game should be as affordable as possible to EVERY person that wants to play, without the limitation of unaffordable costs. So what we have created is the first ever soccer program, where every SALE of a soccer item, pays back a 5% net return of every dollar, to the sellers soccer club.


We do this by having the seller input and include their soccer organizations club code (the club organization needs to create their specific unique identification code first with it pertinent information) in our category description, asking for the seller's club as they post the sale item. When the item is sold, we calculate the 5% net, minus any cost/fees, and pay that back to the club!  These monies can help a club's needs for such things as purchasing equipment, scholarships, tournament fees or any other items the club may need assistance with. This is why we call it the "assist" program, because everyone benefits and helps each other. The seller earns money for themselves and their club, they prevent waste of unused gear and the buyer finds affordable options and deals.
Please click HERE to download the FootyClub rebate code application.
Any questions regarding any of this, please contact us,, and we will do our best to help you. Lastly, if you would like to create an info card about this program for your club describing these details, to give out to your players, please let us know and we will create one specifically for you and your club.

Thank you!

Footy Market Team   
Contact us for more information and program details at
*Program details and terms are subject to change at any time.